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What began almost 40 years ago as the Plaza Seven Shopping Center showed the first signs of metamorphosis in 1984 into “Eden Center”. In 1996, a major transformation took place when the center’s owners spent millions on a 32,400 square foot addition called Saigon West and renovation of the existing center.


The Clock Tower

The Eden Center Clock Tower, an exact replica of downtown Saigon, was erected as a reminder of the home away from home for the thousands of immigrants who settled in the Washington DC metropolitan area after the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. Today, the younger generation also holds Eden Center dear, and frequent Eden Center each and every weekend. The large parking lot often fills up on the weekend and weekday afternoons. An elaborate Lion Arch was added as a gateway entrance off busy Wilson Boulevard to honor both Vietnamese and Chinese cultures that are reflected in both Eden Center’s shops and its customers.


9:00 AM — 11:00 PM

(hours vary by store)


6751-6799 Wilson Blvd.,

Falls Church, VA 22044

Vietnamese American Community

Today, the Center is the heart and soul of the Vietnamese-American Community for the entire East Coast. Eden Center continues to grow and extend its financial and community support into the surrounding Vietnamese and Asian community. Eden Center hosts an annual Tet festival and an annual Moon Festival.

We welcome you each and everyday to enjoy the warmth and community at Eden Center. We hope our website will give you a better idea of why we are so proud of Eden Center. Enjoy your visit.

Be your own boss! We have occasional vacancies at Eden Center.

Enjoy your stay and keep in touch for our latest news & promotions!


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9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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6751-6799 Wilson Blvd., Falls Church, VA 22044

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