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6757 Wilson Blvd., #21

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his place was a real treat for me. They offered items that I haven’t seen in years. One of the staple of Vietnamese cuisines is snails. Vietnam was, for longest time, colonized by the French and our food is a direct reflection of that. Unfortunately, snails are not as popular in the U.S as they are in other countries, which makes it extremely hard to find them on any Vietnamese’s restaurant menu… There were some items on the menu that you have to call in first because they may not have the ingredients on hand. The place also specializes in hot pot, primarily goat. The price is a bit expensive for the amount of food you get. Quality however, is beyond negotiations, they were amazing! Those who are looking for something new and exciting, look no further. This will be a Vietnamese feast like you have never seen before! ~ Luan P.



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