Rice Paper is one of the newest Eden Center establishments. With lavish décor and an extensive and enticing menu, it is no wonder it has become quite popular. Rice Paper embraces its foodie roots, but is daring to step outside the comfort zone as well.

If you want food that is flavorful, well prepared, fresh, and served in a chic and elegant environment, Rice Paper is the right fit for you.

Address: 6775 Wilson Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044
Telephone: (703)-538-3888
Hours of Operation: Mon – Sun: 10 AM to 10 PM
Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash/Credit Cards
Website: http://www.ricepaper-tasteofvietnam.com

“GREAT! I went yesterday (Jul 2012). Ambiance is a little more upscale than other Eden Center restaurants, with the modern decor, white cushioned pleather chairs, and some booth seating. Service was prompt and attentive.”

“I shared spring rolls (with shrimp) with my companion. The peanut sauce wasn’t as good as a restaurant down the way, but the vinegar/fishy sauce was excellent. The spring rolls were worth ordering. For the meal, I ordered another appetizer: a crispy spring roll with seafood, and it was GREAT. The rolls come on a plate with lettuce and other vegetables. You are supposed to wrap the roll pieces in the lettuce, then dunk that in the vinegar. Tasty, and perfect for me, as I didn’t have a strong appetite.”

“The fresh smoothies are also excellent. I got a coconut one, and it came solid – not “melt-y,” slightly sweet, very fresh-coconutty, and with pieces of fresh coconut in it. It was delicious – a real surprise!”

“My companion ordered a vermicelli dish and liked it. I saw two ladies order the hot-pot, where raw meat is brought out, and you cook it yourself, there at the table.”

“The meal was great, and very reasonably priced. This is by far my favorite restaurant in the landmark Eden Center (apparently people travel for miles to visit the center itself).”

“I strongly recommend!” – Joye P.

“Rice Paper is my favorite restaurant in Eden. The service is always so polite and today, they didn’t even include a tip in our bill even though there was 7 people. I also think that RP is the only Vietnamese restaurant in the world that takes reservations and actually reserves the table for you. It was actually inconvenient for us because we didn’t have reservations and had to wait for people to finish while there were empty tables set aside, but I admire them for doing it.”