This restaurant packs an interesting and inviting menu which specializes in authentic Vietnamese cuisine such as delicious congees, Vietnamese styled soups and noodles, rice dishes, and fresh made beverages. A “must try” is the customer favorite, Bun Bo Hue (a Spicy Beef Soup and rice with grilled pork and pork patty).  Beer and Wine are also available for dine in. Come in for a little taste of homemade Vietnamese cooking.

Address: 6795 Wilson Blvd., #39, Falls Church, VA 22044
Telephone: (703) 538-6732
Hours of Operation: Mon – Sun: 9 AM to 8 PM
Forms of Payment Accepted: TBD


“This place is known for its bun bo hue, the slightly rich and spicy Vietnamese noodle soup with heaping amounts of thin slices of beef, tripe, congealed pork blood, Vietnamese sausage, and my favorite, pig’s feet served with a plate of cilantro, shredded cabbage and raw onions. Bun bo hue usually comes with round rice noodles but I prefer mine with the thin flat rice noodles used in pho. Most patrons that come in don’t even look at the menu and just order bun bo hue as they take their seats. The place is run by a nice Vietnamese lady with the help of an elderly woman, whom I assume is the owner’s mother. The elderly woman doesn’t speak English but is super sweet. If she discovers that you don’t speak Vietnamese, she’ll try to teach you a few words, such as water or tea as she brings it to the table. -Steph L.”