Craving the smell and taste of freshly baked bread? Banh Mi So 1 has the cure. Feed your Banh Mi longings by indulging in one of the many specialty sandwiches Banh Mi So 1 has to offer such as their famous combination ham and pate sandwiches. In addition to sandwich perfection, they offer other authentic Vietnamese specialties such as Beef Jerky, homemade dried fruits and delicious dessert drinks and gelatin. For a limited time, purchase 5 sandwiches and receive one free. Please come in today for details. Located in Saigon Garden.

Address: 6799 Wilson Blvd., #3 & 4, Falls Church, VA 22044
Telephone: (703) 534-1950
Hours of Operation: Mon – Thu: 10 AM – 10 PM
Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash/Credit Cards

“Don’t know all that much about Banh Mi, but love this carry out shop in the Eden Center. We’ve visited on the weekends, and have found the baguettes fresh and flaky, the fillings tangy, and the prices very affordable. Especially welcome are the crisp vegetables that flank the meats, and the use of cilantro. We’ve enjoyed the pork and combination sandwiches. Service is exceptionally friendly. The staff will answer your questions about Banh Mi. Let them know if you have any preferences about the composition of your sandwich, and they will try to accommodate.” -A N

“You think $5 @ Subway is the deal for lunch, WRONG, try this place $2.75-3 for sub!!!! Can’t beat it for banh mi, fresh baked French bread everyday, the crust and chewy inside, recommend buy itself ; 50c each.This place not like another place cause everything inside house, you know how fresh the cold meat, pate’, grilled meat or pickle.” -Marshall M.

“I swear the bánh mì here is somehow smaller than all the other shops. How else could these sandwiches cost less, yet still taste just as good? The fresh bread is definitely the best, and I like the proportion of ingredients that they layer into the sandwich. They have chairs and a TV here so you can sit while waiting for your order, but no tables on which to enjoy your food. This is where I bring my out-of-town friends to grab some sandwiches for the road. I love the cheap banh mi bánh mì cha chiên; it sells out early daily.” -Tom N.