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All About Phở Dish: Vietnam’s Delicious Noodle Soup

Phở is a popular Vietnamese dish well-known for its long-simmered meat-based bone broth with seared onion and ginger, served with slurpy flat rice noodles and slices of beef (Phở Bò) or chicken (Phở Gà), usually topped with various fresh green herbs like basil, lime, chili, etc. Also served on the side are some extra sauces like hoisin, lime juice, and Sriracha.

Phở soup has been an instant favorite by many and has gained popularity in the world of food for its heritage, tradition, and delectable taste.

Savor this authentic Vietnamese specialty when you visit Eden Center! Other delicious foods with unique taste in the center are bún bò Huế, bún riêu, and Bánh mì.

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“Eden Center has it all. All in one place.”

Aside from the favorite pho restaurants, shoppers from the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area also visit Eden Center for its various family-owned shops, supermarkets, jewelry stores and travel agencies serving the Asian-American community in Virginia.

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Enjoy and try out a bowl of phở here in Falls church VA and you won’t be disappointed! For the complete list of every stores, click on the button below:

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ince 1984, Eden Center has been home to more than 120 family-owned restaurants, shops, supermarkets, jewelry stores and travel agents catering to the Asian American population. All stores are concealed within a conventional strip mall with direct access to the sidewalk and parking lot near the crossroads of Seven Corners in Falls Church, Virginia.


Choose from over thirty restaurants that serve the best Vietnamese dishes and specialties like the beloved Phở, Bánh mì, and more. Explore other exciting stores that the center offers.

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